Coronavirus infecting more political TV ads, attacks against GOP

The coronavirus has started to infect more and more political ads — particularly attacks targeting Republicans on health care.

Advertising Analytics, an independent ad tracking firm, highlighted the recent uptick in coronavirus-related ads in its weekly recap, pointing out that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was the first to run a pair of COVID-19-related television spots in his short-lived 2020 campaign, and outside groups aligned with Democrats have since followed in his footsteps.

Fair Fight Action, a voting rights group created by former Georgia state Rep. Stacey Abrams, has accused Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, who defeated Ms. Abrams in the state’s 2018 gubernatorial race, of seeking to “blow up” programs that “keep Georgia Safe.”

“Kemp is proposing blowing up our criminal justice system, cutting millions of dollars, blowing up job training programs, blowing up mental health services blowing up health care funding for every Georgia county as coronavirus hits our state,” the narrator says in the ad.

Sen. Steve Daines, Republican Montana, was the target of a coronavirus-inspired attack ad from Protect Our Care, a liberal health care group that advocates for Obamacare.

“Too many Montana families go to sleep at night worried about health care — coverage, costs, now the fear of coronavirus,” the narrator says in the ad. “That doesn’t worry. Steve Daines.”

The Health Care Education Project, meanwhile, is accusing President Trump in an ad of trying to cut health care that people will need to protect themselves from the virus.

“Now Trump wants billions more health care cuts when we need it most,” the narrator says over a screenshot of Mr. Trump and a news headline “CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK.”

It then pivots to a video clip from a press conference in which New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says, “There has to be a play where you don’t play politics.”

“It has to end somewhere, and it should end with health care,” the Democrat says.

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