Joe Biden campaign announces $280 million of ad reservations across 15 states

Joseph R. Biden’s presidential campaign on Wednesday said it’s laying down $280 million worth of TV and digital media reservations across 15 states heading into the fall.

The states are Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, Colorado, Virginia, Georgia, Iowa, Ohio and Texas.

President Trump carried 10 of those states in 2016 and his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton carried Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, Colorado and Virginia.

The Biden campaign said its $220 million TV reservation is “the largest presidential campaign advertising time reservation in history.”

Earlier this week, Mr. Trump’s campaign announced a new TV ad campaign in four states with expansive early voting windows: North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Arizona.

In the memo laying out the ad reservations, Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon said the campaign has “thousands of staff across 17 battleground states.”

The Biden campaign recently announced hires in Maine, where Mr. Trump notched a single electoral vote in 2016 by carrying the state’s 2nd Congressional District.

The Trump campaign has also talked up the president’s prospects of winning New Mexico, which Mrs. Clinton won by about 8 points in 2016.

The president and his allies started July with a cash-on-hand edge over Mr. Biden, though it’s been narrowing in recent months.

Mr. Trump’s campaign and allied committees raised $131 million in June and started the month with more than $295 million on hand.

The Biden campaign and the Democrats raised $141 million in June and started July with $242 million on hand.

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