John Poulos, Dominion CEO, says company did not switch, delete votes

Dominion Voting Systems CEO John Poulos said the company did not participated in any vote switching or deleting of ballots in the 2020 election.

Speaking to Michigan lawmakers under oath on Tuesday, Mr. Poulos said his company has no ties to the late Venezuela dictator Hugo Chavez or China — as some critics have claimed.

He also denied any machines were connected to the internet, which has been a charge lobbed by pro-Trump lawyers in several battleground state lawsuits against election officials.

“There are no switched or deleted votes,” Mr. Poulos told the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee. “No votes are sent overseas.”

“Let me be clear, we don’t manipulate anything,” he added.

The testimony came after Michigan lawmakers heard from witnesses alleging election irregularities in Wayne County during a hearing with lawyers representing President Trump.

Mr. Poulos said any errors in tabulations can be caught in recounts referencing paper ballots. And if an error occurs, it is caused by human error.

That was the case in Antrim County, he insisted.

The suspicions of vote manipulation in Michigan stemmed from the discovery on election night that Dominion ballot scanners and software switched 6,000 votes from Mr. Trump to Mr. Biden in Antrim County, Michigan. The mix-up was caught and corrected.

Though Mr. Poulos sold the majority of Dominion in 2018, he is still acting as the CEO.

During Tuesday’s hearing, he said he would not speak about Dominion employees because they are facing increased threats from “baseless allegations.”

Dominion is a company that was started in his basement when Mr. Poulos lived in Canada, but it is now headquartered in Denver.

There were claims the company had been launched by Chavez to steal elections and that the company had servers overseas in Germany, but the CEO denied those allegations saying they were “beyond bizarre” and “complete lies.”

Dominion does have corporate links to Smartmatic, a voting technology company established in 2000 that had ties to Chavez.

Smartmatic was founded by three Venezuelan engineers and incorporated in Delaware with headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. By 2004, the company had vastly expanded and bought Bizta, an electronic voting company in which Smartmatic and the Venezuelan government both owned large stakes.

In 2005, Smartmatic bought Sequoia, one of the top U.S. companies producing automated voting systems.

Mr. Poulos distanced his company from Smartmatic on Tuesday, saying they had a partnership in 2009 but that agreement is over.

“We certainly do not use any of their intellectual property or source code,” he said.

Sidney Powell, a pro-Trump lawyer, filed lawsuits in at least battleground three states, including Michigan, alleging their use of Dominion Voting Systems caused votes to be manipulated in favor of President-elect Joseph R. Biden, disadvantaging Mr. Trump.

Ms. Powell argued the company was used in countries like Venezuela to keep dictators in power and manipulate election results.

Most of her cases have been tossed. Dominion was not listed as a defendant in any of the disputes.

Dominion provides service to 28 states and Puerto Rico.

Mr. Poulos insisted that if there are questions about the election results, the machines can be checked by an audit referencing paper ballots kept on file.

He told lawmakers questions about voter eligibility and registration have to be directed to election officials.

“We do not run elections,” he said.

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